XF 1.1 Staff Permissions


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For the life of me i couldn't understand why none of my staff couldn't delete threads or even see the thread tools even if they were explicitly stated as Moderators and administrators.

I discovered that their secondary usergroups were the normal non-staff usergroups...as soon as I removed all the secondary non-staff memebrgroups from each of my staff members, they were able to see the button.

I do not want any of my staff to follow the same user promotions that my normal members would face(meaning if a normal member gets 100 posts they'll be moved to another usergroup...i don't want this to apply to my staff members).

how do i basically set it up to not apply to staff members because each time they reach a post milestone that signals a promotion, I have to once again manually go in and uncheck the membergroups.


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There must be an issue with your usergroup permissions; staff can be members of all groups without issue normally.

Have you by any chance used the "Never" permission setting in any of your usergroup?