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Is there such add on that adds a staff page to the navigation, that allows for images and descriptions of staff. that will work with 1.4


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i did see brogans add on but it says only compatible with up to 1.2 so i wasnt sure it would work with 1.4
If I remember correctly it's just html and CSS, all you'd do is create a new page node and paste the code he provided into the html area.

Then with Nodes as tabs you could get it to function like a working tab.

Side note - I hate working on the text area in the page node itself so you can use like Notepad ++ to edit it and just copy and paste back into it. Makes your life a little easier :)


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Yes, it's just hard coded HTML and CSS so nothing special.
Probably needs completely redoing to be honest.

You could use the new custom help pages function.