XF 2.1 Staff bar not displayed (SOLVED)


Hello, everybody,
I have a problem with the staff bar on a freshly installed forum (latest version). If I use a language other than english - in my case german, the staff bar is no longer displayed in the frontend. The phrases are translated, but the Staff Bar does not appear. I have already deleted cookies, without effect. What can I do?
If I use the addon "[OzzModz] Remove Staff Bar From Header Into A Widget", it is displayed correctly as a widget, but this is not what I want.

Many greetings


Oh god ... RTFM :) https://www.xendach.de/resources/deutsches-sprachpaket-fuer-xenforo.345/
The issue is solved. But I leave it for other users who may be do not read the instructions as me :)

Since version 2.1.7 of the german language file there is also a javascript integrated in a phrase that ensures that the mod/admin line in the header is always hidden if there are no messages etc. You can show or hide the admin/mod line manually by clicking or tapping on the free space next to the header image.