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******* - Staff Application [Paid] [Deleted]

Discussion in 'Add-on Releases' started by borbole, Dec 7, 2012.

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  1. borbole

    borbole Well-Known Member

    borbole submitted a new resource:

    Staff Application (version 1.0) - It adds a staff application to your forum

    Read more about this resource...
  2. tafreehm

    tafreehm Well-Known Member

    Thank you I was looking for this.
    Question: can we add multiple question and answers to the form ? and different styles as well, like single line, multiple line, radio button drop down etc. ?
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  3. borbole

    borbole Well-Known Member

    Currently it adds only one form/application. But I do plan to expand this further at a later time.
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  4. TBolley

    TBolley Active Member

    cant found this addon on your homepage into permium mods.
  5. oman

    oman Well-Known Member

    Wow, this will really simplify the staff application process for large forums. Good luck with this. (y)
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  6. Cory_

    Cory_ Member

    I'd I suggest these be added, good start for being new.

    Suggestion, Allow more than one application to be created. You want one for different types of staff or a user application. (Not registration)

    Basically, to get an idea what I'm saying and example would something similar/exact like this:

    WordPress, Free Version: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/formidable/

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  7. Mouth

    Mouth Well-Known Member

    Can you turn the tab navigation on and off, instead add it to the sub-menu in forums tab?
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  8. borbole

    borbole Well-Known Member

    Thanks :)

    I plan to expand the application further to add the multiple form applications features.

    Yes, you can turn it on/off from its acp settings. To add the tab elsewhere however it can be done as well but manually.

    I am selling this separately.
  9. TBolley

    TBolley Active Member

    prefix support some good feature, btw some multi Application !
  10. CFodder

    CFodder Well-Known Member

    Looks good so far, I'd definitely be interested if it had custom fields that cdould be filled out for it :).
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  11. davespanzer

    davespanzer Active Member

    I could really use the ability to ask more questions, then this would be perfect for me. I already purchased this mod, but would gladly donate more for a updated version.
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  12. Eoj Nawoh

    Eoj Nawoh Active Member

    Does this addon have the ability to add multiple questions or multiple applications?
  13. Dinh Thanh

    Dinh Thanh Well-Known Member

    borbole should add custom_field_1 to custom_field_5 for forum owner named them then allow members fill on them.

    • Full Name
    • Address
    • Mobile Phone
    • Languages
    • Level
    • ....
  14. Eoj Nawoh

    Eoj Nawoh Active Member

    I'd help contribute if those functionalities are added.
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  15. Mouth

    Mouth Well-Known Member

    What news on this? Is this still the case? If so, approximate timeframe?
  16. Clovis

    Clovis Member

    Very Interested in Buying this if the features said above do get released.
  17. Cees50

    Cees50 Active Member

    is this working on 1.2??
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