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Azhria Lilu submitted a new resource:

Stack Alert Image - Add an image to your Stack Alert

Stack alerts are those little popups that appear at the bottom left of your forum when you've stayed on one page for a long time and something is posted that you have opted to be alerted for.

Usually they look like this:-

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With a little css trickery (and lots of blood, sweat and swearing while you test it) you can add an image to the alert, so it looks something like this:-

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The CSS I've used is as follows:-


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hi Azhria can you make this pop up like (always on top) when user surfing on web,when they are busy at another pages they can get this notice and maybe little link for inbox ... and if you want add sound you are the boss :rolleyes:

Mark T

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Nice tweak yes. Thank you.

I noticed that my notice box the text bleeds over to the right side and partially covers the X?
Is that a css adjustment I need to do?