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Stable host hosting


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I think he was asking about Stablehost the company, not a stable host. LOL!!

They are definitely a reputable company, and use SSD drives on their shared hosting. You should be pretty pleased.
Yes - I was asking about Stable Host. Information on that company was appreciated.



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After a long and grueling search for a different host then my current account with Hostgator I have officially given up. I joined http://webhostingtalk.com and really did not find much value in it. However it did give me the opportunity to ask the hosts question publicly in the boards. So, the two "main" problems I had were speed and automatic back ups with Hostgator. I had seen a drop in speed over the last year, with my old forum software Vbulletin 3.8 as well as the new software Xenforo. Also I used to get "free" weekly backups with my hosting account, however, my site is now over their file limit of 100,000 files which leaves me without that free back up. I know its best to do manual backups, but it was a nice peace of mind...

So I turned on Cloudfare (offered free on my host plan) which did give me a little bump in speed and then I opted for a cloud backup program from my host which comes out to about .65 cents a day, daily back ups, monitoring, email reports of file changes, data base changes etc. - pretty cool, off site back ups as well. So until I run into any other issues, I will stick with my current host. just wanted to update this thread.