SSL Issue (RSA certificate configured for does NOT include an ID...)


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Hey all.

This line is flooding my logs and it's annoying. It doesn't cause any issue with the site, but I just want it fixed.

AH01909: RSA certificate configured for does NOT include an ID which matches the server name

Any ideas?

I've looked through those earlier.
I think I found the solution.. when I created the SSL I put the domain, now I've made another cert without www. - let's see if it fixes.
Actually, the correct way IS to use the WWW prefix. Otherwise with some of the certs you will only get valid SSL connection on the base domain and not the WWW subdomain as being valid (Comodo's will work with either WWW or base domain as the common name - it serves both, but RapidSSL requires WWW to be used if wanted for both the root domain and the WWW subdomain).

Since you are apparently using CloudFlare, it introduces some additional issues in trouble shooting as you are not "really" serving your SSL in some cases.

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