[SSD] Brighten up your Forum Stats Box

[SSD] Brighten up your Forum Stats Box


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Lisa submitted a new resource:

Brighten up your Forum Stats Box - Add Font Awesome and a splash of colour!

Instead of having the plain forum stats box, I decided to change one up a bit - and ended up with this:-

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So thought, in case any one fancied doing something like this, I'd share what I did.

First, open your ACP, go to styles and open the forum_list template and find:-

<dl class="discussionCount"><dt>{xen:phrase discussions}:</dt>
                        <dd>{xen:number $boardTotals.discussions}</dd></dl>
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Excellent work. I especially like the brighter 'look' but would use it in plainer colours to match my theme, thanks for this :D


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What style did you do it on? I see an English, French and Spanish one and don't see any sign of the edits having been made - nothing that displays like your screenshot.
It is normal, I removed the codes 2 min ago and I'm using the French one.


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If anyone is having any problems and are using XenPorta, you need to make the edits in the EWRwidget_ForumStats template, not the forum_list one. Will add that to the tutorial.