SQL Query Help - Isolate Recent Posts & Post Trends


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We've seen a recent uptick in posts the last few days that does NOT correlate to more traffic.

I'd really like to isolate WHERE those posts are happening. Any ideas on the best way to do this?

In a perfect world, I'd have the ability to do a "post count drilldown" like the "content drilldown" in Google analytics. So, I'd start with the high level data over time and doing a deeper dive would get me closer and closer to where the posts are happening... basically in this order:

- Parent node / category
-- Sub node
--- Individual threads

So, since that's not available (yet ;) ) what's the best way to tease out this data?

I guess the best option would be to have a series of SQL queries that does something like: Total posts per-day per-node, last x days. Maybe the columns would be days and the rows would be nodes (or vice versa)?

Then similarly: In Node z: Total posts per thread, per day, last x days, limit to threads with y posts (so it doesn't get crazy).

So, my questions for you masters:
  1. Is that the best way to tease out this data?
  2. If yes, anybody willing to help a SQL idiot put the queries together? :D