XF 2.1 Sql query (finder) assistance


Hello. Is it possible to add extra select sql to xenforo Finder query?

For example, I have XF finder query like this:

$BuyerFinder = \XF::finder('MK\Store:Buyer') ->with('Thread', true) ->with('User', true) ->where('stage', 'active') ->fetch($limit, $offset);

I need to improve it with my select query:

CASE WHEN from_unixtime(action_buyed_at) <= now() - INTERVAL 2 DAY THEN action_buyed_at END as retrieve_money_allow_time_over

And at the end I'd like to ORDER BY retrieve_money_allow_time_over DESC.
So, the main question is: How to implement my 'select query' inside XF ORM query?


I've created getter inside Entity:
$structure->getters['retrieve_money_allow'] = ['getter' => 'getRetrieveMoneyAllow', 'cache' => true];

public function getRetrieveMoneyAllow() { $now = time(); $allowedTime = time() - 15 * 86400; if ($this->action_buyed_at <= $allowedTime) { return $this->stage_updated_at; } return false; }

Changed query:

\XF::finder('MK\Store:Buyer') ->with('Thread', true) ->with('User', true) ->where('stage', 'active') ->order('retrieve_money_allow', 'DESC') ->fetch($limit, $offset);

But getting the error: Unknown column retrieve_money_allow on MK\Store:Buyer

There is no way to order by getter?


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Getter in entities are functions that can be called on an entity, i.e. an element retrieved from the database.
So no, you are mixing finder and entity there.

I don't think you will be able to do what you are trying through the use of finders and the associated entities hydratation.