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Sportsbook - A User Guide - Copy/Paste for your members to learn easily....

Once you register at <---Your site name ---> , you are automatically given <--- Your cash amount --->. Why? We want you to have something to do once you are finished posting, chatting, etc. This will provide you with the funds to begin the drive to become the first <-- Site Name --> Millionaire. Once registered, and logged in, on your top navigation bar, you see where you get to begin.... Sportsbook.
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Once you...
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hi, i just asked a few questions before.
do you think that I can use sportsbook for my football(soccer) page?


is it easy to translate the plugin into german language?


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You might need to register. We're a football site so most of the events are football but we include other Sports too.
looks really interesting.

one more question:
I'm running a German website. In Germany we use a different odd-system than in US or UK.

example: FC Bayern Munich vs Borussia M'Gladbach - 1.7 / 6 / 9

when u place ur bet and you say bayern will win, you will get 1.70$ for 1$. For a correct wager on a draw, you'll get 6$ for 1$ and 9$ for 1$ if Gladbach will win.
Sportsbook is using a different odd-system, I guess, but I think that my users will be confused by it. So is it possible to show other odds?