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[splendidpoint.com] Keywords for Feeder 1.0.0

Allows you to specify Global Keywords for RSS Feeder

  1. Sadik B

    Sadik B Well-Known Member

    nusapromo likes this.
  2. Robert

    Robert Active Member

    does this work with 1.3, and you don't have any instructions for installing the mod.
  3. Kevin

    Kevin Well-Known Member

    @sadikb, any chance of funding you to make this configurable per feed instead of globally?
    Kintaro likes this.
  4. Sadik B

    Sadik B Well-Known Member

    Hi Kevin

    Sorry for the late reply. I am working on a new project... Maybe I could spare a few hours. Can you shoot me a PM if you still need this?

  5. Kintaro

    Kintaro Well-Known Member

    any news about this?
  6. BobbyWibowo

    BobbyWibowo Well-Known Member

    Sorry for bumping. But no news about this?
  7. Sadik B

    Sadik B Well-Known Member

    I am afraid not. This addon is not on my radar any time soon I am afraid. If you need a new feature you will have to get this custom developed.
  8. BobbyWibowo

    BobbyWibowo Well-Known Member

    Oh well, thanks for the respond anyway!

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