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Alright now I get it thanks fellows, I'll try to change a few things around the width of the ad in that size (or the logo for that matter) and we'll see how we go ;)


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What's the best practice for any upgrades, regarding the style? upgrade first and then install the new version of the style?


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What's the best practice for any upgrades, regarding the style? upgrade first and then install the new version of the style?
Firstly make back ups of the styles :D XML's // folders just in case.

Typically you'd update xenBase, then Splash. So when updating Splash if you're not using a child of Splash you will lose your customizations when you overwrite Splash. If you're not using a child of Splash you could import this updated Splash as a brand new child of xenbase, then create a child style and port over all your edits to it.

This makes it so future upgrades would be a breeze for you.
@Russ, quick question, probably missing something really obvious. I've added some custom side blocks on to my site, when viewing on an iPhone in portrait they don't show up however if you turn it in to landscape they pop back up...

Something I need to add on the back end somewhere maybe to make them show in portrait?

Just wondered if you (or anyone else) had experienced this?

Many thanks.
In portrait view the sidebar will drop below the forum list. Are you not seeing this on your install?
Apologies I didn't make myself very clear, the sidebar does dropdown but only the original sidebar elements remain (online users, staff online etc), ones I've added seem to disappear!


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So the plan originally was to update the styles for 1.2.4 however I think we're going to hold off for our next version of XenBase. 1.2.4 was a minor update which for the most part showing one outdated template which you can use the merge feature to fix.

We have some cool things planned for XenBase 1.3, some of it a re-write to clean up some code. We'll also be organizing and adding some new features.

We're taking a break for the holidays so we'll be back officially after the new year.

I'll still provide sales and support the best I can however please keep in mind we wish to spend time with our families during the holidays.

Thanks all, stay safe and enjoy the holidays!


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Russ updated Splash - pixelExit.com with a new update entry:

1.3.0 Massive Change Please READ!!!!

View attachment 69320

As I have been mentioning across various threads 1.3 is bringing a rather massive change to the way our style functions. Most of the front end you won't notice a difference aside from a few cosmetic improvements, however we've re-written a good majority of our XenBase.

With this said, if you are a current client of Splash please read carefully.

For anyone with minor customizations it's suggested you treat this upgrading as if you're installing a brand new style....
Read the rest of this update entry...


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Re-posting this:

Splash has been updated... please bare in mind for existing customers a lot... has changed on the backend side of things.

A lot of new features, bugs fixed with XenBase, bugs probably introduced into XenBase, just please almost treat this like a new style when installing it.

The footer has been completely recoded, a lot of XenBase has been recoded to provide extra functionality.

I'll be posting more documentation on pixelexit.com regarding our XenForo Styles.

Heads up too, we're going to be closing down the specific style sections on pixelexit.com to better maintain the support methods we have. Feel free to post any bugs/suggestions/finds here.

(Demo will be updated shortly)