Specific forum landing page


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I'm trying to make a specific forum my forum landing page. So when a user clicks on the forum navigation it opens directly into the specific forum.

I've searched for this specific idea and surprisingly could not find it.


Mr Lucky

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You mean when they click on Home? You could add the forum URL to Index Page Route in Admin CP Options >Basic Options.

Or use that URL in any navigation tab


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So I neglected to give an update on this, things went sideways at work.

I can easily enough change the index page URL and function as desired. Changing the navbar tab not so much. It adds /-/ characters to the URL on the browser's side when clicking the configured tab, different from what is placed inside the cp.


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That doesn't sound right.

Creating a nav tab for a forum or any other node/page shouldn't change the URL.

How have you set it up?


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Right now I have security on it. The only thing I'm trying to do is change the navigation URL from {{ link('forums') }} to the actual forum page I want which would be {{ link('forums/entries.23/') }}

The only other custom config is the display condition : $xf.visitor.user_id