Spammers What are using to check the ones that slip through the System


I check the spammers every time I log on and several times during the day.

Other than the very obvious ones I think some could have slipped through long before I started as a Mod and checking them.

The Spam checker what I use is and unless they are listed its impossible to check then Ban them.

Google helps a lot some times,

My question is "What are you using to check the ones that slip through the system" when all you have is a Name and an E/m address

On another Forum where I am an Admin I have more information I can use but none have slipped/slipping through.

Thanking you in advance Keith

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Check out this add-on, it worked absolute wonders for me:

I had a really bad problem with spammers, a serious one. So bad I logged on everyday and had to remove a good 50 spam posts. With this add-on you can set your limits to auto reject them, put them into an approval list so you can review them or allow the registration but have all their posts go into the moderation queue, it's fantastic!

It can do a hell of a lot more, that is just it's basics. Have a look at the resource page by following the link above for a more detailed list of features. It's reviews are excellent as well!