XF 1.2 Spam User Removal... way to select all legit users and remove rest?

So basically, the forums I run has over 10,000 accounts, the majority of which are spammers. The good news is that they can no longer make accounts thanks to the sonnb - Stop Spam Here add-on. The bad news is, there are an overwhelming amount of spam accounts left. Now these registrations occurred over a great length of time, so removing them within a specific time frame is out of the question. They also have variable account names, different IP's, etc. So removing them using a similarity there seems impossible. The best possible way in my opinion is to somehow select the legit users, and simply delete the rest. Second best would be to use the user list provided and check off names for deletion instead of deleting everyone individually.

Anyone have any suggestions? Also, are usernames accessible from the FTP? If so, where?


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What you could do is add all of the legitimate users to a new "Verified" user group.
Then use Batch Update Users in the ACP to select all users which are not in that group.
Where do I find this "Batch Update Users" from the original admin panel login? I have the ACP up with options such as: options, add-ons, list all users, styles, languages, smilies, and display node tree.

I moved all the good active users into the Verified group, but when trying to delete the Registered group with all the spam users in it, I get "You may not delete important default user groups."
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