Spam Activity - Is this normal (NOT XF RELATED)


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Out of curiousity, for those running bigger boards, is this amount of activity normal for spam bots hitting a forum of this size?

The owners of clantemplates have somewhat just walked away from CT and it's basically the moderators doing what we can(I'm one there). I know this isn't XenForo related but figured I'd see if any of you other board admins see this much.

This page basically declines certain things on the forum if it seems it's a bot, and I'll tell you that CT maybe only gets 10-15 legitimation posts in one day. Seems like the registration process has no decent anti-spam measures.


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The best anti spam you can do ive found is a question.


What is the first letter of the word xenforo?

I get maybe 1 or 2 spam posts a month.

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Problem with big boards is they will attract more attention from human spammers. Which they can answer Questions and Answers no problem, unless they're blind?