Lack of interest Spaces before and after smilies in post and nested quotes

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Nested quotes are important for reading thread where many users use quote. When nested quotes are not able (default XenForo), then discussion may lead to unreadable kind.
Last two years before upgrading I have to change library/XenForo/ControllerPublic/Post.php

$quote = $postModel->getQuoteTextForPost($post);

$quote = $postModel->getQuoteTextForPost($post, -1);

Could that be sorted in new Xenforo 2.0
At least with some ACP on/off setting, if you can not or not want hardcode it.


Also, will be finally implemented to automatically insert space before and after smilie in post (after post is published)?
Many users did not hit space after word before smilie and than that looks ugly. Also space after smilie is important because user usually put several smilies in a row, or write new word.

@Chris D addon helped me a lot, and I rewrite it to put by default also space before smilie.

Could that be by default added into Xenforo 2.0?

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