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Style Space, new XenCrea style in progress !


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Bêta version
Work in progress
Date of release: unknown
Basically made ​​free for a french space (stargate) navigator game (in alpha version), I decided to wear my IPBoard creation on XenForo :)
The style uses the Xenforo styles properties, 0 no template modified, just extra.css for this minimal code : http://puu.sh/2DgkK.png
If you have any recommendations for me and cool ideas in mind, do not hesitate to share ;)
Soon :)
(header no started)
(Nice layout for message :))


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Nice looking style! (y)

The style has rounded image tops, but square boxes on the forum index.
Right-side Modules, Categories, and boards are square.
Same with the style "Color," it messes with the flow.

Also the forum navigation sub-bar should be more floating in space than bright blue.
Maybe bright blue text and transparent background for the sub-navigation bar?

Search box could be dark or white-transparent with bright blue text.


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Thank you :)

For the navigation bar, I want to put the same style as IPBoard is the sub-toolbar that bothers me a bit, I have yet to see what to do.

For rounded edges (secondary box and other), it's an option will be activated an addon that comes with, it's the case already for my style named Color ;)

For the search box, I have my idea in mind :)


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Wraith! Stargate is such a good show that I wish they'd bring back (specifically SGA, they left it on such a good but bad note).

(Edit: I noticed the Wraith ships in the background before the logo. lol)


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Yes lol ^^
It will probably be removed for sale by cons, copyright requires ;)

For the logo, normally I have the PSD and if not, I would do it again.
After, for stargate, they are legal deficite, series stopped :/


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I remember an old phpBB style which I loved that had like half a blue planet sticking down from the top which looked really cool :D, I feel like this could do the same as well. Well.. that would be my choice for a background for my sake haha, good job Zephyr!