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AndyB submitted a new resource:

SoundCloud - Embeds SoundCloud player into a message.


Embeds SoundCloud player into a message.

Live example:


Example of SoundCloud player in a message.

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  • Uses BB Code Media
  • SoundCloud URLs automatically converted to media BB Code.
  • Original URL remains in media BB Code.
How to use:
  1. Member finds a song they like at and...
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Wow! That worked very easily. My users will be stoked. Seems much better than the soundcloud addon I was using with 1.1
Hi Andy,

Just installed your addon for SoundCloud. On my beta/converted from PhpBB site, it's only showing links.


The links you see are the same as the URL to the soundcloud account and song. I thought I should see a SoundCloud player embedded...

Any idea?

Thanks! and have a blessed Eeaster Sunday!


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@AndyB , that´s a real great one, though so small and simple. Thanks!

One question: how can it be done to have those soundcloud files autoplayed? We´d like to use this primarly for our warning system and include a soundfile into the warning conversation ;)