Sorting Resources


There is a lot of content in the resources section, but there really isn't a good option to sort/filter the content based on your version of Xenforo. For example, I wanted to look at the Styles/Add-ons for Xenforo 2.1.4 (the version I am on), but the only real option I have for sorting them is by keeping it the default "Last update" or "Submission date". If I select "Downloads" or "Rating" I have to sift through tons of Styles/Add-ons that are for previous versions of Xenforo. Worse still, many of those Styles/Add-ons have their own version number that doesn't match Xenforo, so you don't even know if it's compatible with you version of Xenforo without clicking on it and reviewing it. An example of this is "[AddonFlare] XF2 Awards System 1.0.8" which is compatible with Xenforo 2.1.4 - but you don't know that without selecting the Add-on and checking for it.

I would suggest having a new category for items in the Resources section to say what version they are. Ideally this would be a required field for people uploading a resource, and this would indicate which version the resource was created/tested for. This would then be a filter option in the Resources page - just like "Type", "Prefix", and "Created By" are currently filter options. That way people can specifically look for things that they know were designed for their version of Xenforo.
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