Sorting members by 'Location'


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To be honest, this help request could more accurately be titled "Help to write a simple php page which has code included to search the mySQL DB for data, and return that data in a list, which can be sorted by the user".

However as I thought this would be a super useful/common feature, specifically displaying the 'Location' of a forum's members, I thought maybe there was already an add-on to do this?
I have searched & searched but can't find anything though, hence I'm posting here.

I'm using an add-on called 'Mandatory Location' ... and thus all of my forum members have SOME value in their Location field ... however the standard Members tab, only allows sorting/displaying by number of posts, likes, join date etc ...

And whilst I've tried teaching myself how to write php code and understand mySQL, I've gotten as far as being able to browse my mySQL DB, and see the data in the table ... but need help in getting it out of there and into a sortable/displayable format on my Forums.

Can anyone help, or point me in the direction of an add-on/resource that I've overlooked?
Thx heaps in advance!


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Interesting. Just had a similar request from one of my admins. "Can we sort members by location?"
Yeah ikr!

Initially it wasn't a big deal, as my forum is for an online gaming community, a lot of members like to be (relatively) anonymous ... but we're being more stringent now in that they at least need to put what city/town they're from. As we're a tight-knit community, I think it'd be SUPER handy to be able to see other Members that are in your town/city, which would help for organising catchups.

My end goal is to have a little 'location globe' animation, similarly to that available in the Events add-on by ... but that's phase2, after I get the basics done of actually pulling out the location field from the DB and showing on one of the Members Search lists.