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Sorting current visitors?

Discussion in 'XenForo Questions and Support' started by twollert, Dec 9, 2011.

  1. twollert

    twollert Active Member

    Is there any way to show the registered members first in the current visitors list (and below that the guests)?
  2. Digital Doctor

    Digital Doctor Well-Known Member

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  3. Digital Doctor

    Digital Doctor Well-Known Member

    Current Visitors fail at Xenforo.com

  4. Digital Doctor

    Digital Doctor Well-Known Member

    This has been improved in 1.2
    Current visitors can be filtered now into:

    Unfortunately the default is Everyone.
    and 95+% percent of users dont care what Guests are doing.

    The default should be: Members, not Everyone. For the rare time a users wants to see what guests are doing they could click Guests.
  5. TenPercenter

    TenPercenter Member

    Does anyone know of a hack or manual fix for this? In the meantime I am at least hiding the Robots tab and robots listing in the results of "Everyone" with a conditional statement. [I left it in the sidebar statistics, but just wanted them to stop cluttering the Visitors results]

    Again, am looking for a way to default to the Members tab instead of the Everyone tab when viewing Current Visitors.

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