Sorting (and filters) in Resource Manager should Persist between categories

Digital Doctor

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I was searching for Top Resources in the RM.

Each time I clicked a different category ... the Tab selection revered to Latest Updates.
I wasn't interested in who updated their Addon this week, I was searching for Top Resources.

Once a user has clicked the [Top Resources] Tab, I feel that selection should persist, until another Tab is selected.

Digital Doctor

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In the Resource Manager .... items in a category are listed by Last Update, newest first.
I wanted to sort the results by Downloads, so I did.

But this setting needs changing everytime I click a new category.
This behaviour is undesired and unexpected.

My filter should persist.


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Totally agree, but feel the because not that many people have resource manager, this suggestion doesn't get enough airtime.
As well as undesired and unexpected add confusing and annoying.