XF 1.2 Sort thread replies by likes received


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I know we can sort threads by first post likes in a forum, but can we sort thread replies by likes received in a thread? If not, is there an add-on that does this? I looked around but couldn't find anything.


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No, you will need an add-on. XenForo relies heavily on the order of the posts for proper display. I do not know of an add-on that accomplishes what you would like to accomplish.


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No there isn't. I am looking for the same thing.

This add-on is close to it.
[rellect] Likes Summary

I asked @rellect to add this feature but he hasn't yet. Maybe you can ask him too.

Mu request for whole thread likes here:
[rellect] Likes Summary [Paid]
Hey Joey, I haven't forgot your suggestion but it's not what he looks for.
He wants to sort replies, and you asked to count total likes in a thread, so these are pretty different things.


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Ok yes I see now. He wants to be able to sort likes from posts within a thread

I saw this:

by likes received in a thread
I didn't pay too much attention to "thread replies" It confused me

But now i understand.

I missunderstood. Sorry.