XF 2.2 Sort of permissions


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I work on an add-on. Where should I set my permissions?
Top, bottom, somewhere in the middle, random set?

Currently, I prefer the top because the most permissions are set at one time,
and I hate to search for them.

But ...

There is no top over the top, right?

I could use the bottom?
Every time I do a new add-on, I go and look for the highest number and plus 100?

Maybe this is a better idea.

But ...

Perhaps someone should do an add-on like this:

Give add-ons a last_update?
Then an option:
Show new add-ons on top?
How long they should be new? A day, ten?

And then we show the permissions at the top for a day or ten ...

Just an idea.
Persoanly I think the order doesn't matter that much as long as permissions are grouped in a logical way.
This allows to locate them pretty easily by looking in the correct interface group.

Therefore I try to place new permissions where they fit best, eg. where threre are already related permissions.

Changing positions (after some time) is IMHO a bad idea.
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