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"Sort By" where did you go?

Neil E.

Active member
The header bar above the thread list has several sections that allow for sorting by title, start date, replies, views and last message. From the thread_list template:

    <dl class="sectionHeaders">
        <dt class="posterAvatar"><a><span>{xen:phrase sort_by}:</span></a></dt>
        <dd class="main">
            <a href="{xen:link forums, $forum, '_params={$orderParams.title}'}" class="title"><span>{xen:phrase title}{xen:helper sortArrow, $order, $orderDirection, title}</span></a>
            <a href="{xen:link forums, $forum, '_params={$orderParams.post_date}'}" class="postDate"><span>{xen:phrase start_date}{xen:helper sortArrow, $order, $orderDirection, post_date}</span></a>
The sort by doesn't show up in the header bar. I'm sure I've seen it in the past, is there some condition required for it to show up? I also don't see the sort by on this support forum. What am I missing?

Neil E.

Active member
Yes that is another way to do some sorting. I'm talking about the "quick method" using the header bar.
I believe the text "sort by" should show up to the left of "title", as per this picture.



Well-known member
No text that I know of, you can click the header bars to sort them though. They should have a hover effect assuming you haven't adjusted that color.


Well-known member
OK I see your point: the prase sort_by is inserted but somehow invisible.

I took a look, and the phrase only appears if you change
<dt class="posterAvatar">
<dd class="posterAvatar">
But on my site, it seems to break the style by printing "Sort by" on two separate lines.

Maybe this should be reported as a minor bug?

Neil E.

Active member
That's a good clue. I probably messed around with the template for a different purpose and altered the height or did something else that allowed it to show up. Maybe Jake will explain how to get it on one single line.


Well-known member
I believe this is an issue with XenForo as is, because it is happening on my working copy. Whether you altered your templates or not, this is not the root cause of the "Sort by" phrase not showing. Probably a missing entry in XF CSS.

Neil E.

Active member
It's not a CSS issue. It has to do with how the phrase is positioned in the template. I've tried some variations and got a messed up two line header; probably similar to what you found.