Soon to be new user with questions, please.

I am going to be a new Xenforo user soon and I have a few questions for current users.

On the front page of Xenforo, they feature some sites that use this software and these sites look killer! Are these using Xenforo for their front page too? What app or theme:

I would like to use a quiz system but I couldn't find one? Any help on this one?

All of those sites are using custom pages - either via an add-on or a bespoke solution.

You can search for a quiz add-on here:

Do you have an app that you would recommend for the front page?

I did search for quizes, however they all appear to me "unmaintained"

Honestly, there are soooo many apps to choose from here that it's both staggering and awesome.

What are some apps to you use that you find are essential in running your community?



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It's simple to make a front/index page with the built in functionality - a page node, some widgets, sidebar, etc.
It would literally take a few minutes.

I don't personally use any third party add-ons - anything I want/need for my own site, I write myself.


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Do you have an app that you would recommend for the front page?
I would recommend this:

It has "all portal options you would need" (of course, first see it for yourself, that may not be the truth), it has many options, you also can install additional add-on with more options to tweak it to your needs and it is one time payment (some add-ons are not, to get latest version you would need to pay more).

All in all, I'm satisfied with it.