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I saw this domain dropping and there are a lot of sony + product + forum keywords that are highly searched. I didn't want to take much time on this one as it is a broad topic and unsure how it'll perform out of a niche, such as a PlayStation, etc., forum would as it'll feature all products in time (cameras like the Sony a7 & a9 to the PlayStation and beyond to Bravia TVs). If it starts to garner traffic with 5~ posts per day from various Sony sources, etc., I may build it out to the original color scheme I was going for (orange and blue); but, I didn't want to spend too much time on it without knowing for sure if such a broad topic can not only compete with their own forums as well as niche forums like specifically for the Sony Alpha line of cameras (20k members, 10k threads, and 46k posts there)—it's definitely an experimental forum for sure.

Used the default XF colors with minimal modifications. As I build, I'm utilizing almost all the new XF 2.2 features as it is on 2.2 B4 (such as the thread prefix descriptions and even PWA).

See a quick 1-2 hour setup here (3 if you count installation and logo design):