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sonnb submitted a new resource:

sonnb - Stop Spam Here - SpamBusted API (version 1.0.0) - An additional addon that bring SpamBusted API to "Stop Spam Here" addon

What is this?
- This addon contains SpamBusted API that allow you to access to SpamBusted API and would integrate with Stop Spam Here addon ( to perform spammer checking.

How to use:
- Just install it and You are ready to go.

Note: Stop Spam Here version 1.1.11 and above is required.

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Hey sonnb, I started working to add the SpamBusted service to my XenUtiles mod... and I've so far been unable to get their API to work. Is it working for you? For isntance, if I go...

I don't get a response.
Hello Jaxel,

This should work:

It might need more information especially IP field.
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