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sonnb - Stop Spam Here - FSpamlist API 1.0.1

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sonnb - Stop Spam Here - FSpamlist API (version 1.0.0) - An additional addon that bring FSpamlist API to "Stop Spam Here" addon

What is this?
- This addon contains FSpamlist API that allow you to access to FSpamlist API and would integrate with Stop Spam Here addon ( to perform spammer checking.

How to use:
- Obtain your key on and enter it into this addon ACP (see attached images).
- You are ready to go.

Note: Stop Spam Here version 1.1.11 and above is required.

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So this is basically just an API and we need to rely on other addons to integrate/make use?
Yes, it does. Actually I have made an Stop Spam Here Lite addon that free and work with these APIs but since XF 1.2 would include some APIs like Stop Forum Spam..., I decide to not post it.
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