XF 1.3 Some users don't get trophies


I'm facing the following problem (since 1.2.x): some users don't get trophies. I created a new trophy and typed a list of all people who should get it, like this:

Almost everyone got a trophy, but some users didn't. For example, a user with nickname "Merdoc". His profile is absolutely identical with users who received a trophy.

Even if I create a new trophy where the only one user is listed, he still don't get a trophy. So I am wondering how can I figure out what happens? Forum errors log is empty.


Jake Bunce

XenForo moderator
Staff member
The last activity date is itself updated by a cron that runs hourly. So once a user logs in their user record won't update the last active time for up to an hour. And trophies then look to that last active time.

Basically be patient.