XF 1.5 Some quote links not working

Mr Lucky

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On my forum we have found a few quote links that do not work.

e.g.in this post the first quote is fine but not the second.


If I look into the post edit, that link is formatted oddly:

[QUOTE="nigeld, post: [URL='https://cafesaxophone.com/dial://324890'][U]324890[/U][/URL], member: 4650"]
(NB: the second quoted post does exist, it is post #3 in the thread:

https://cafesaxophone.com/threads/mundane-manc.21851/#post-324890 )

There are about 5 or 6 such quotes, and all by the same member, and as with the post referenced above some are fine, others are not. Obviously I can fix them, but I'd like to know what causes this.

Does anyone know what is going on here? Thanks
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The 'dial' in the URL makes me think that is something to do with a browser extension related to making calls.

Mr Lucky

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No addons that affect quoting. It seems to be just these few posts from the same user, maybe I will contact him and see if there is any browser extension. Oddly though there can be more than one quote in the post, and only one of the quotes has this issue.