Some people cannot see all of my navigation tabs:


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Only a handfull of the many people who 'see whats there' are not seeing what's there! I have INTEL, FORUM, ROSTER, TEAMS, MEDIA and etc. yet some people only see:


Here is my site:, can someone tell me why 'those few' are not seeing what is actually there?

Jake Bunce

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Probably the permissions. Check the permissions for your groups:

Admin CP -> Users -> List User Groups -> [click a group]

For example, the Roster and Media tabs are for XenStaff and XenMedio addons which I think both have permissions in the usergroups.


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Nah, that's not it because there are people in the same group that have no problems. Plus, I just put him in the same group as myself (highest level) just to see, and he still gets the same issue ;-( Thanks Jake, but it appears that it's his computer maybe? I've exhausted all other variables just about...


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Bit off topic, but want to say great looking forum you have there.

By the way, just got this after browser froze viewing site. I do use ABP ads blocker, not sure if that may have caused it, as it was actively running when viewing your forum.



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Crit it might be the way you have your menu. I know i had a lot in my menu and some people had zoom on and was unable to see everything. I moved the login to the top to make it all show up. I am not sure if that is the problem or not.

Just something you might check. Or it is just permissions on the tabs.