Some old pix of me in Alaska


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Was digging through my album and came across some old pix of me when I was in Alaska. Ah, the nostalgia...

Here's a halibut I caught, close to 400 lbs. Took me 2 and a half hour to bring it up. Had 4 other buddies but they didn't want to help. We had 8 large cardboard boxes of fillet.

Here's a pic of a ice berg that looks similar to a walrus. (no, it's not photoshopped). hadn't notice it when I took it, was in a rush to get home so our catch wouldn't spoil.


Me in Prince William Sound, AK.

more ice berg...


A salmon I caught at Blind Slough Rapids in Petersburg, AK. I think he was about 25 lbs. The water there would get warm sometimes (about 60 degrees); and so they become exhausted by it. You can just wade in and grab 'em. No joke. You walk in the water and feel this giant fish hitting your leg. Pretty cool.