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Not a bug [SOLVED] Video Upload - transcoding ok, no alert


I am playing with the new video feature in XFMG1.1 (nice job (y)).
MP4 Videos are working without any problems.
Thumbnail creation works fine!

But: I have problems with videos, that need transcoding.
I uploaded a wmv-test-movie and saw the infos that the video needs transcoding.
I see the transcoded video in folder /data/xengallery_videos/429/ on server, but the video isn't included in my album and I didn't get an alert.

We use this version of ffmpeg:
ffmpeg version N-49119-g1f4c62e-static FFmpeg Static Builds
PHP 5.4
Do we have to use the PHP CLI or PHP FastCGI binary for this in the settings?
Can someone help? :(