RM 1.2 (Solved) This update is currently awaiting approval.


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I have an resource that have gotten an update from one of the users.
Now it's shows as:
This update is currently awaiting approval.
but I can't find anywhere where I can approve an update.
I have full permission to the resource manager

I have been searching all over the web and on this forum as well, but I get no hits on anything else that "user awaiting approval"

Anyone knows where the approval button/link is ?
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@wang Moderation queue ?!? Do you mean in the Resource Tool in the sidebar ? then no.
If not, where do I find that then ?

No sir, I meant the moderation queue, where invisible items are at. But if a resource is waiting approval, you can approve it via the inline noderation checkbox too.
Um I can approve new resources, I have no problems with that, it's when someone posts an update to an resource I'm having the problem.
I'm still a bit confused about where the moderation queue are at thou, since I don't think I have ever seen that.
Ahar!!!! Found the Moderation Queue.
It was not showing, since I was not specific an moderator, even that I had all the permissions. Once I made myself Super Moderator, I could see the Moderation Queue and found the updates that needed approval :)

All sorted and thank you for mentioning the Moderation Queue, which made me do some more research my self and found the problem :)
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