XF 2.1 SOLVED: new right and left gaps on main navigation menu


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I was making some minor changes to a forum.

Subsequently, gaps appeared to the left and the right of the main navigation menu:

gaps in main nav bar.png

I'm not sure what changed to cause this or how to fix it.



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What I typically do when I'm making changes is to document them.

Then I can easily revert them in the event of unexpected consequences,.


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Good idea in hindsight but that won't help me now. I was doing a series of minor tweaks - usually I only do one or two at a time so it's easy to revert them if something looks odd.

Any thoughts about what might add those gaps?


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Right click > Inspect where the unwanted spacing is and see if there is any extra padding or margin being applied with CSS. If so copy the selectors and change the value to zero. Best guess from a screenshot.