[Solution] Make xenForo (or any script) work with Incapsula (CloudFlare Alternative)


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I made a tutorial / procedure on how to have your full server or VPS and subsequently all sites installed on it, see the real IPs of the visitors. Since Incapsula Support has not published it yet for some reason, I am doing it now here. It is a publicly viewable Google Docs i.e. Google Drive document, so I can update it and you can comment on it etc.
I suggest you to submit this well done guide as a resource;)
You are very welcome! I am using this on 2 of my own servers for months now and it works in the same way as the server plugin for CloudFlare that is shipped with Plesk 11. Only problem with CloudFlare is that you can't do attachments > 50 MB (i.e. file up-/download in general), so unfortunately CloudFlare is not an option for my sites that have larger files. Now before 'Cloudflare Damian' (who is a freind of mine) rips my head off *grin*: Other than that, CloudFlare rocks! ;)
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