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[SolidMean] ForumBackup SFTP Transfer - Securely transfer your ForumBackup files to a remote host via sftp

- This add-on requires the [SolidMean] ForumBackup add-on, version 1.1.4 or higher.
- This add-on will not be functional and will not run if the PHPSSH2 extension is not installed. See this thread.

This addon is an extension to the ForumBackup add-on located on XenForo.com. It allows...

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I don't own a Dropbox/Amazon S3 etc. account but if I did, would this work with that?
No, it doesn't work with those services. I've been working on an interface with Dropbox, but it isn't completed yet
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Thank you for replying and working on that interface. The core is very user-friendly and is also for free, really appreciated.
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OK. I'm interested in the Dropbox addon, and I think so are many others. Please let us know whenever you have an ETA on it. Thanks! :)
I'm wondering if this supports SSH keys, could someone confirm?

Edit: @SneakyDave it looks like I can't buy it on your site as it won't let me create an account :(
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Why won't the site let you create an account?

It doesn't support keys yet, but I've been trying to see how to implement that.
Still no good. :( I've disabled my security type plugins to ensure they weren't the cause but the server's not sending any data to me when it "responds" when I try to sign up.
That is really strange. I'll look into this. It works for a while, then it starts failing again. Nothing on your side. I'll contact you when I get it fixed.
That is really strange. I'll look into this. It works for a while, then it starts failing again. Nothing on your side. I'll contact you when I get it fixed.
Sounds like my experience with XenCentral's MultiSite addon using Cross logins.. It works and then stops.. As such good luck!
@SneakyDave, i have all 3 of your addons (this one, backup to dropbox and classic backup).
Forum backup create backup of files and database
Dropbox addon send that files to dropbox and have an option to delete local backup
SFTP addon send that files to remote server and also have an option to delete local backup

If dropbox addon is run at 2AM and then delete local backup of files, and SFTP addon is run at 5AM, which files backup will be transfered then?
Well, I wouldn't think anybody would use both the DropBox and SFTP addons. :) Are you using one for the database, and one for the XenForo root backup? If so, that's pretty ingenuous.

If that's the case, I'll assume that your DropBox extension is storing the database backup, and the SFTP extension is using the XenForo root backup.

Because a backup is performed every time the cron runs, deleting the local backup would delete the backup that was sent to DropBox, or the server you set in the SFTP options, depending on which cron is running.

Let me know if that answers the question, or if I didn't understand it. Send me a PM if you'd like to chat more about it.
Yep, more or less you got it.
I have dropbox for database, and want to use SFTP for database and files.
I do not want files backup to stay on local server, but I want database stay local on my server after transfered to dropbox and backup server
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