XF 1.1 Soft deleted posts still appear in quote blocks of other posts?

When I soft delete a post, its text still appears in any post that happened to have quoted it before I managed to delete it. I expected that a soft delete would hide the offending post and any quotes of that post. (Xenforo 1.1.5)
Thanks for the quick reply.

Our site hosts stock market discussion and we are legally bound to moderate for defamatory content. We need to remove such content in both its primary and secondary (quoted) forms. Any hints on how we might do that? We have staff that can change code if necessary, so if you have a recommended approach that would be quite helpful.


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It may be possible to programmatically remove quoted content which includes the post ID.
It would require a custom add-on though which would have to check the post table for the post ID and then remove the quote text.

However, any content which is copied and pasted or quoted without the post ID would be extremely difficult to deal with programmatically.

Harpers Tate

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I have another idea (with no knowledge of how practical it might be to code/implement). Doesn't handle the copy & paste thing of course (I doubt anything automated could).

Standard quote functionality effectively copies the text of original post into the new reply and it therefore becomes part of that text (surrounded only by a wrapper to give it its formatting). Hence the need for separate editing to reflect the original contents, if the original changes.

Replace this behaviour completely.

When someone places a quote into their reply post ALL that gets included in their reply post is a cross-reference (such as quote=123456 - where 123456 is the post number of the post being quoted). When the reply post is displayed in the forum, the system replaces the X-ref with the then current contents of post 123456, presented in a suitable wrapper as now.

Upside: Would mean it was always up to date and/or reflect edits and deletions to the original
Downside: Would disallow partial quotes - replies to just part of a (perhaps long) post.

Therefore it wouldn't be ideal for all boards.


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A separate suggestion has been made with regards to quoted content being updated when the original content is updated.
It was rejected though, as a quote should be preserved, otherwise it could render the corresponding post nonsensical, or no longer reflect the views of the person doing the quoting.