XF 1.4 Soft Delete Mobile Error Help

I noticed that Soft Deleted posts can be shown/viewed on a laptop or desktop. I am unsure about tablets though. I have tried on mobile phone Samsung S6, to view or see soft deleted posts on my mobile device and even desktop view of the webbrowser. I am unable to see deleted posts on mobile, if there a way to fix this bug? It would be helpful as a admin of a 13000 members active comunity, to be able to view soft deleted posts and threads while.on my S6 or other mobile phone. Thank you

P.S. The show button is not showing up, that is why I can not view them


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Soft deleted posts are visible on tablets and mobiles as well as laptops and desktops.

Are you definitely sure that you can see soft delete posts on desktop/laptop yet with the same user account you can't see them on tablet/mobile?

If so then your issue could be due to the setup of the style you are using or due to an add-on. Firstly check if you can see soft deleted posts on mobile if you switch to an unedited default style. If you still can't, disable all add-ons to see if there is a conflict that's causing the issue.