Add-on Social Engine / PHPFOX like system for XF

Greetings all,

Over the years I have tried to develop a private social network using PHPNuke, PHPFOX, Social Engine, PHPBB, Ning, Vbulletin, Community Builder / JomSocial, Joomla, etc. and they ALL have little bits of what I like yet none of them have the solid foundation like Xenforo.

You guys really have a strong platform which I think could be a very good product like Social Engine or PHPFOX. Some developers and I were thinking about putting something together like this... possibly called XenFox. Do you know PHPFOX? It is a great concept but not as solid as your project.

It would be amazing to see something like this built for Xenforo, do you know anyone working on a concept like this yet?

All the best,