So there is a rumor that XF 1.5 is coming, eh?


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Well, just when I am getting my style close to being finished so I can install my role playing add-on on my rp site, and then make it live, and now 1.5.

I don't think the template merging function is going to be much use, if indeed said rumor is true of course.

I expected 1.4 to be the last in the XF v1 series, and then 2.0 comes out, and by that time the site will be live and underway, while I learn XF 2 on my dev site. But nope.

1.5 eh?

oh well, should be a hoot and a half to see just how much the template merging function can do, though something tells me that function is just going to pack its bags and head back to the UK, once it's done scratching it's head at my custom style.

But then, it's all rumor, so said merging function and me can keep our current drinking-buddy relationship intact.

ss1.jpg ss2.jpg ss3.jpg ss4.jpg ss5.jpg


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It's no rumour...

I don't think I've seen a style quite like that before.
I know 1.5 is coming, I been following the HYS's since the first one for 1.5 was released, :) And I like what I seen so far.

The style is completely responsive, and guests also have their own character panel. All that is left to do is to update the UI for the character generator, and the user's profile page. The style is based off the revamped game by Beamdog.


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I think we haven't seen the last of XF1.4 yet, if that is any consolation. There will be an 1.4.8, I think ...?