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So I made a PDF easily readable and printable version of the XenForo manual


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Hey all,

So I'm a bit old school sometimes and I like to be able to refer to a book or piece of paper when learning something on the PC, easier to make notes that way too.

So I took all of the data from the 'Help' section of the main site (nice work Brogan!) and transferred it to Word to create a version of the the manual for easy offline reading or so that it can be printed off with nice formatting as a real manual.

All of the hyperlinks from the online manual have been retained, so if your browsing the PDF you can click on the links and it will bring to you the relevant section of the XF site or to wherever else the link might go so you can see the latest version of the info. online.

I also added page linking internally to the document from the contents page, to make it easier to navigate within the PDF and for easy updating if more content gets added.

In the contents I listed all the sub pages that linked to in the help section, but aren't necessarily listed on the home page so it's easy to get a quick overview of everything that's covered in the document.

This was mainly done as an exercise for myself as I find creating documentation is one of the best ways to learn, but hopefully it will benefit a few more people!

If anyone spots any problems with it let me know and I'll correct them.

The only other thing to note is that it looks like there's a 'Coming Soon' page for the Style Properties and I was just wondering when that might get added? When it's put up in the help section I'll add it to this.




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lol, Oh well. If you let me know which pages have been updated I'll update this accordingly.

Shouldn't take long to edit and add stuff now that I've got the layout sorted :)


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Quite a few pages have been updated in the last few days, as well as new ones added.

There are more changes to come though, so I would hold off doing anything on it for a week or two.