So easy even a caveman can do it...

Robert F Schmitz

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Thanks again to Mike and Kier for software that is designed to make an admin's job easier. I just needed to tweak a few things in two styles and within 10 minutes it was done and I was on to bigger and better things. To have done this using the boat anchor would have entailed a lot more searching and trial and error.

Short of desiring a few features such as smilie manager and thread prefixes, my members and staff love this platform.


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I was just thinking something along the lines of this. I can actually make things all nice and custom without breaking the board like it was a frail old wishbone. I can look at the board and change something by editing a simple value in the panel which just happens to be so easy to navigate and pleasant on the eyes. No squinting or headaches.
Rob, what's that supposed to mean?

It means you broke into my digital photo album and posted a picture of me