So can any part of this page be useful to you?


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I was working on a few standalone pages to figure out what would become my first attempt at an addon that has an admin interface/option in the XF acp.

Now this page isn't particularly useful or well thought out ...I simply whipped up some css and html in a bowl and through in some jquery and flowplayer and half-baked it just to give myself an idea of what I could do/am capable of (which isn't much).

or if you want to see the actual standalone that I wrapped in the iframe...


Now one thing that isn't in this example is the overlay text field I is in another demo which has the styling I will be releasing an addon with eventually so I wont be posting it until it is done.

What I want to know is...what kind of things could you use this for...not as it is...but by what you see what could you use it for...(ads, intros, tutorials- which is what I will mostly be using this for , or any other randomness you could come up with.) I must admit I need some help with the admin cp side of developing but I am sure I will get the help I need or figure it out either way. If you have suggestions post them here...if you want to help or get me started on the admin cp side of addons PLEASE pm me.