So are there enough sales for XenForo development to continue?


Although I'm under the impression that XenForo sold a good amount of licenses already, I'd like to see a quick confirmation from the XenForo team that they are happy with the company revenue and growth so far.

Last week I read a comment by one of the developers (can't remember who) that depending on those numbers, XenForo would either A. stop developing B. continue developing C. hire more quickly as expected to develop even faster.

So, in short, can XenForo confirm A is not the case and (less importantly) whether B or C is more likely?



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I'm assuming all is fine as they're still developing after the pre-sale, I'm sure they made an okay figure (say around £20,000 on pre-sale day)


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I know for a fact he has already made well over $5,000 in the first month. I think thats pretty damn good start. :)
Not really, Kier is from England, UK - $5,000 at todays exchange rates equals to about £3,100 - Now, that in one month for coders of Kier, Mike, and Ashley's standards? not worth it. They will be looking to double that figure each month I'm sure. Else they would just shut up shop and work for Microsoft/Facebook and earn alot more than £3,100 p/m


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rather see official response from kier,mike or ash. Other members replies arent that assuring at all as thats wildly based on assumptions
:D I have been Lurking for a while. I am glad to see you are sill involved in the forum/website community.

The recent news has brought me out into the open. I am watching and hoping xenforo grows into a robust platform for my communities. It looks impressive so far and I can not wait to see where the developers go with future plans and resources.