Add-on Snowstorm and Christmas Lights


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You can't smash them, but you can play them, almost as much fun :) Is this a freely available script and how is it installed?


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It is formerly a russian script translated by Malone from Xenfrench
'Readme' is in french but you should easily get through it.
Tell me if facing any problem during setup process.



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For flexile theme user, the CSS added to extra.css has for effect to disable the Pop Up info while moving mouse over the recent thread message.
I did not find a way to fix that issue


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I appreciate everyone's Christmas Lights contributions. I tried setting up Jaquii's lights on my forum but ran into some complications.

I have so many customizations on my site that I'm gonna give up on customizing my site for now. I did rate her resource tho cause it was very much needed.


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