Snow [Paid] 2.2.12a

No permission to buy ($20.00)


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I can't be more clear. For 10$ you get access to all themes/styles what ever you want to call them.
If you have any more questions please ask via discord or private message.


I'm not sure what's going on here but... I'm trying to be very patient. I paid the $10.00. I'm simply trying to download the RAIN Theme/Style, whatever you call it. I might just be a 50yr old idiot... I'm not private messaging or discording because others may want to understand exactly what I'm trying to understand. If you post it here, you should support it here.

$15.00 renewal and no download link anywhere. If you post the download link, I should be able to download.


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Private message are important to not bother any other people watching this topic. You are patron so please read instruction. All themes are avaible on our discord.